Zero Zero Zero Is the Perfect Limited Series

Narcos if it was directed by Christopher Nolan

Zero zero zero is the perfect combination of solid source material and cinematic style. It takes what might be a regular-season of Narcos and turns the dial all the way to 100. Creating a fascinating viewing experiencing for the audience while keeping them glued to the timeline. It does this through snippets of the story through different character's perspectives along the same plotline. This culminates in a Tv Show that feels like a drawn-out creative movie. I personally like how these characters transcend multiple countries, cultures, and languages. All working within the same goal, completion of the deal. Another of the best aspects of the show is that it doesn’t cater to a desire for the best outcome for its main characters. Instead, it sticks with its duty to tell a captivating story by allowing the characters to suffer the consequences of their actions.

Another intriguing part of the movie is that the central aspect of the deal, i.e the drugs part, fades away as you are presented with the human nature behind the deal. These characters are on three sides of the deal: buyer, broker, or seller. Yes, they’re all involved in the drug trade, and say what you will about that industry. But this story is so much more than the character's line of work. Instead, it creates a structure of the life behind the personas involved within the plot. This where those cinematic cuts come into play big time. They help to develop the matrix of the character's individuality by dropping in and filling the gaps, while simultaneously telling the story of the overarching deal.

It’s hard to dive too far into that part without potentially spoiling the season for another. What I will say is that this TV show exceeded my expectations by a long shot. It hooks you from the beginning and doesn’t let go until it’s reeled you in all the way.



Film & TV Critic

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